Join the fully decentralized, blockchain-secured Presale of our Triple Confirmation Utility Token.
The Triple Confirmation Presale is your chance to participate in our decentralized, blockchain-secured, and censorship-resistant directional trading bot. Obtained TC can immediately be deposited into the TC bot and thereby grants you access before anybody else.
The Avalanche Blockchain secures the whole process; every transaction is public for anybody to see, and we don't have anything to hide. Up to 90% of all USDC raised during Presale will be used for the initial Liquidity Pool to support a stable decentralized Token Listing. Our Presale entails six different rounds with an increasing token price. Rounds one and two are purely community rounds to give crypto enthusiasts and communities all around the globe a chance to get their hands on the TC Utility Tokens. Rounds three to six are for the general public and other users out there. Early access to the TC bot's trades can only be achieved via Presale.
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