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Uncover Triple Confirmation's achievements and objectives in its first two years, showcasing our innovative solutions and dedication to user success.


Triple Confirmation is a start-up founded by Will Baker, Jonas Schramm, and Adam Hesketh to provide decentralised automated trading solutions for the cryptocurrency market on the Avalanche blockchain.
Our team consists of experienced blockchain developers and financial analysts who will provide personalised support and guidance to our users. We’re headquartered in London, a global financial hub and innovation centre for the FinTech industry. Triple Confirmation is a limited liability partnership and generate revenue through fees and profit sharing of our services.
Our algorithms and proven strategies analyse market trends and execute trades on behalf of users using smart contracts. Users always remain in control of their funds and can cancel or modify trades anytime. Unlike centralised exchanges, we do not have custody of user funds. To provide liquidity and open Short positions on-chain, we use two other blockchain-based projects: 0x and AAVE. Both protocols keep all tokens on-chain, allowing users to move their funds instantly at any time. Opening Short positions directly on the blockchain allows anyone to easily trade in a fully decentralised manner, something no other cryptocurrency project has achieved!
Our target market is cryptocurrency-interested people prioritising decentralisation and maintaining control over their funds while trading. The recent meltdowns of FTX, Terra LUNA, Celsius, and others are a reminder as to why decentralisation is a crucial first principle of crypto’s ethos. Unlike centralised exchanges and other services which take custody of user funds, we’re looking to push forward the crypto industry’s decentralisation by executing directional trades directly on the blockchain. The Avalanche blockchain is an EVM-compatible environment offering fast transaction times and low fees on an emission-less Proof-of-Stake blockchain, making it an ideal platform for our project.
With our innovative decentralised integration of 0x’s pooled liquidity, employment of AAVE to open Short positions, and experienced team, we’re confident that we can provide a flexible, profitable, and secure trading experience for our users.


✅ Q1 2022 (completed)
✅ Starting the Project ✅ Implementing the Triple Confirmation Social Media ✅ Release of the Website ✅ Release Roadmap ✅ TC Discord Free to Earn Opening ✅ Crypto Yam Free to Earn Closure ✅ Starting Development Work ✅ Starting the Triple Confirmed Podcast
✅ Q2 2022 (completed)
✅ Release TCC ✅ Release tcPOT ✅ Kick-off Ambassador Program ✅ Enable Multsignature Wallets ✅ Start tcPOT/TCC Pool ✅ Start TCC/AVAX Pool ✅ Implementation of the Amity Wallet ✅ Trading Engine Development ✅ Smart Contract Development
✅ Q3 2022 (completed)
✅ Testing and Development of Alpha Version 1 ✅ Pothead World Alpha ✅ DEX Trading Bot Alpha Release ✅ Implementing Triple Confirmation Documentation (Wiki)
✅ Q4 2022 (completed)
✅ Close Liquidity Pool for TCC ✅ Close Liquidity Pool for tcPOT ✅ Move Operation to the United Kingdom ✅ Testing and Development of in-house Token Contracts ✅ Development of Alpha Version 2 ✅ Solicitor Acquisition ✅ Clearance of FCA Compliance ✅ Implementation of the Triple Confirmation Supporter Patreon
✅ Q1 2023 (completed)
✅ Alpha v2 Release ✅ TC Swap Release ✅ New Website Design ✅ Release of Business Plan ✅ Release of Pitch Deck ✅ UK Innovator Visa and Endorsement ✅ Filing and Establishment of Triple Confirmation LLP
✅ Q2 2023 (completed)
✅ Participation in the Avalanche Summit ✅ Release of new Tokens ✅ Token Migration ✅ Start of Private Investment Round ✅ Start of Alpha Version 2.5 ✅ Implementing Bot Signals into the Triple Confirmation App ✅ Wiki Improvements ✅ Creation of the Triple Confirmation Video Commercial ✅ Circle Business Account ✅ Beginning Development of Beta ✅ Initial DAO Smart Contract ✅ Implementing NFT Functionality into the Trading Bot ✅ Start Development of the CEX Integration
⌛ Q3 2023
✅ End of Private Investment Round ✅ Release of the TC DevKit ✅ Add additional Web3 Wallets to the Triple Confirmation App ⌛ Beginning Sale of remaining Pothead NFTs ⌛ Pothead NFTs Release on Avalanche Mainnet ⌛ Release of Chloe ⌛ Implementing partial Entries and Exits for Beta ⌛ DAO Development ⌛ Establishment of TC/TCC Liquidity Pool on Trader Joe ⌛ Establishment of TC on a CEX
⌛ Q4 2023
⌛ Release of DEX Trading Bot Beta ⌛ Release of new Trading Fee Structure ⌛ Release of the new Operating Deposit ⌛ Implementing additional Trading Pairs ⌛ Implementing additional Trading Strategies ⌛ Release CEX Integration ⌛ Refinement of the Trading Strategies ⌛ Implementing Trailing Stop-Loss/Profit-Taking into the Trading Engine ⌛ Start Development of Futures Trading Bot ⌛ Start Development of TC Funds
⌛ Q1 2024
⌛ Release of the Futures Trading Bot ⌛ Smart Contract Infrastructure Audit ⌛ Triple Confirmation API Development ⌛ Release of the Triple Confirmation Arbitrage Bot
⌛ Q2 2024
⌛ Participation in the Avalanche Summit ⌛ Triple Confirmation Birthday Token Rains ⌛ Release of TC Funds ⌛ Discovery of AI Trading Strategies ⌛ Creating the TC Ecosystem on other EVM-Blockchains
⌛ Q3 2024
⌛ Major refinement of the Trading Engine and Strategies ⌛ Triple Confirmation API Release ⌛ Triple Confirmation Charity Event ⌛ Implementation of the Triple Confirmation Subnet
⌛ Q4 2024
⌛ Implementing AI Trading Strategies ⌛ Developing an institutional Trading Bot Implementation ⌛ Fiat On- and Off-Ramp Implementation ⌛ ? ⌛ Profit