The Project

Triple Confirmation is a fully-managed, non-custodial automated trading bot. Deposit your funds into our on-chain smart contracts and let our algorithms trade for you.

Triple Confirmation Investor Pitch Deck

Triple Confirmation Pitch Deck

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Triple Confirmation LLP

Executive Summary

Triple Confirmation is a start-up founded by Will Baker, Jonas Schramm, and Adam Hesketh to provide decentralised automated trading solutions for the cryptocurrency market on the Avalanche blockchain.
Our team consists of experienced blockchain developers and financial analysts who will provide personalised support and guidance to our users. We’re headquartered in London, a global financial hub and innovation centre for the FinTech industry. Triple Confirmation is a limited liability partnership and generate revenue through fees and profit sharing of our services.
Our algorithms and proven strategies analyse market trends and execute trades on behalf of users using smart contracts. Users always remain in control of their funds and can cancel or modify trades anytime. Unlike centralised exchanges, we do not have custody of user funds. To provide liquidity and open Short positions on-chain, we use two other blockchain-based projects: 0x and AAVE. Both protocols keep all tokens on-chain, allowing users to move their funds instantly at any time. Opening Short positions directly on the blockchain allows anyone to easily trade in a fully decentralised manner, something no other cryptocurrency project has achieved!
Our target market is cryptocurrency-interested people prioritising decentralisation and maintaining control over their funds while trading. The recent meltdowns of FTX, Terra LUNA, Celsius, and others are a reminder as to why decentralisation is a crucial first principle of crypto’s ethos. Unlike centralised exchanges and other services which take custody of user funds, we’re looking to push forward the crypto industry’s decentralisation by executing directional trades directly on the blockchain. The Avalanche blockchain is an EVM-compatible environment offering fast transaction times and low fees on an emission-less Proof-of-Stake blockchain, making it an ideal platform for our project.
With our innovative decentralised integration of 0x’s pooled liquidity, employment of AAVE to open Short positions, and experienced team, we’re confident that we can provide a flexible, profitable, and secure trading experience for our users.

Messages from the Team

Will Baker - Trendespresso - The Brain 🧠
  • BS Minor in Computer Science
  • PineScript, Python, and Solidity guru
  • Wrote the TC all-in-one indicator
  • Manifested into existence the TC Bot
Hey guys, Trendespresso here. I first got introduced to cryptocurrencies in late summer 2017 when a group of friends started discussing “these new revolutionary money projects that everybody and nobody owned.” I kept hearing the words “Ethereum,” “Cardano,” “blockchain,” and “crypto.” Over the next few weeks, I asked question after question to my friends and Googled a bunch more. There I found myself in September 2017, hitting the big green button on Ethereum. What a time! My roommates also started investing in crypto around the same time, but after getting brutally burned in 2018, I was the only one who stuck around. The quiet years are the best time to acquire long-term holdings. Late 2020 brought a new bull run, with it all the stress I vividly felt in late 2017. I was determined to learn the craft of trading to have a more active role in my investments and to better stay up-to-date on the market. Having never traded before, I scoured the internet for the best trading strategies. Nothing clicked until I found The Baked Potato and his Triple Confirmation strategy in early 2021. WOW! I was so passionate about my trading results and the incredibly welcoming Triple Confirmation Community that I went all-in coding the TC signal into TradingView. One thing led to another, and here I am coding the entire strategy as a standalone platform. I’m stoked for us to take the TC community to the top. From one Yam to another: LFG!
Jonas Schramm - SlumdogE - The Soul ☀️
  • In crypto since 2011
  • Built Discord community to 12,000+
  • JavaScript specialist
  • Our loyal and noble leader
Herzlich Willkommen y'all", SlumdogE here. This greeting explains my life pretty well, as I moved from Germany to the USA about four years ago. My first experience with crypto was on Silkroad and the "dark web," I didn't take it seriously back then. I never thought I would find a community that would change my life ten years later. But what have I done in the ten years in between? I worked in the hospitality industry; that was my life. I trained as a hotel manager, barista, bartender, and chef. Over the years, I privately taught myself website design, graphic design, and coding. A few years later, I discovered a love for charities and nonprofits and turned my hobby into a career. The company "Charketing" was born; this company specialized in providing websites and other marketing materials to nonprofits at low cost or even free. One thing led to another, and I got elected as a board member of an international volunteer organization; pretty much at the same time, I rediscovered crypto for myself and found old wallets again, which were now worth a lot more. I quickly realized that I could build a new life for myself without the shackles of the private sector, so I went to Texas for a year to volunteer in a camp for disadvantaged youth. I met my future wife and decided to stay in the USA after we started dating. At the end of 2020, I found BakedPotato on Youtube and immediately realized what a good and honest person BakedPotato was. One thing led to another, and I ended up on the then BakedPotato discord server and immediately tried to help him to turn this community into something even more significant. With the community's help, we created the "Crypto Yams," after that, I programmed the "Triple Confirmation A"-Tradingview Indicator, which Trendespresso perfected, which made the Triple Confirmation Strategy even better.
Additionally, we as a community created the "Crypto Yam Sessions," which then became a podcast that offers new content three days a week until today. The idea to automate Potato's strategy was born when we saw the great success of our community every day. And here we are, with a full-blown project and on our way to catapult "Crypto Trading" to new heights. I am excited to see what we can achieve together and even more excited to meet every one of you and your stories.
Adam Hesketh - Baked Potato - The Heart 💚
  • 6-year crypto trader
  • Market maestro
  • Taught the TC strategy to thousands
  • Podcasts thrice weekly
My personal journey in the world of cryptocurrencies commenced in 2016-2017, coinciding with the commencement of the bull market. At the time, I had friends who were incessantly discussing this topic, and their enthusiasm sparked my curiosity and desire to learn. I must admit that when I initially ventured into trading, I possessed very little knowledge in this domain. I followed the advice of so-called "experts," invested in dubious coins and participated in questionable initial coin offerings (ICOs), resulting in not just financial losses but also detrimental effects on other aspects of my life. The all-consuming pursuit of greatness led to strained relationships, the depletion of my time, and even impacted my personal romantic endeavors. It was only then that I realized the need for balance in both trading and life itself.
However, I am a resilient individual by nature, and I persevered, continuously pushing myself to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills as a trader. Throughout this process, I became acutely aware of the scarcity of high-quality and valuable content available in the cryptocurrency space. This realization fueled my determination to become the proficient trader I am today, and my objective became clear: to share my findings and insights with as many individuals as possible, fully aware of the challenges most people face in the realm of trading.
With the invaluable assistance of numerous individuals, we have succeeded in transforming a mere idea and a handful of indicators into the thriving community and a Fully automated, Decentralised Trading bot.
Thank you once again for your support and interest in our project.

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