Our Ambassador Program is different from most of the Ambassador Programs out there. We're looking for specific types of people, skills, and passion.
Our whole project is built by the community for the community, each Ambassador is a big part of the Team, and each Job from an Ambassador helps us to achieve our goals. We wouldn't be where we are without our fabulous Ambassadors. If you want to be part of a great Team with a meaningful impact, ➡️ JOIN OUR AMBASSADOR TEAM.​

The Marketing Team

Focuses on everything regarding the Growth of our Community; this can be a Discord Moderator or a Social Media Influencer that screams TC out to the world. Maybe you're good at writing guides, or you love going to Crypto Conventions to tell people about our project and products, or perhaps you have a lot of connections to other projects. You plan AMAs with them, maybe you like creating giveaways and raffles, perhaps you like Audio-Recording & Editing, you could be the Main-Person for our Podcasts, but there's no limit to possibilities. If your skills and passion fit and you can help us grow our Community, you'll be a good fit. Marketing has a lot of Design work to do, too, no matter if that is Graphic-Design for our Website, Planning out our NFT Collections. Creating our NFTs, Designing fantastic Gameplay for our Pothead World, or maybe just designing a little Button that we need to fancy for our Frontend. In addition, our Design Ambassadors will be the Main-Creators of our upcoming Merch. So the Marketing Team will never stop having excellent and meaningful tasks.


  • ashh720 - Graphic Design
  • Heimo - Podcast Lead
  • Jay - Lead of Moderation Team
  • Flywater - Moderator, Editor and TC Council Lead
  • Naru - Legal Help and AMA Preparations


  • DannyB
  • Cmdr. Witloaf
  • Flywater
  • Jay
  • kaddy
  • Libra
  • MrBudd
  • Nitrogen
  • Olli

The Deving Team

Do you love Front- and Backend Design? Did you code in Python and Solidity before? Do you want to help improve this project with exciting tasks and bounties? Maybe think about joining our Coding Team! We always need talented Coders that help us create the unthinkable. We're especially looking for good Front-End Work, but if you're competent in Python, Solidity, and Backend-Work, we need you, too! So apply today!​
  • Crabat - Frontend
  • ShadowWolf - Quality Management
  • affbaj - Solidity and Frontend
  • c0nfused - Frontend
  • ETRX - Frontend

Senior Ambassadors

Our Senior Ambassadors get a monthly payout in our native Token for their awesome contributions to our project. The Core Team and our Senior Ambassadors build the whole project. We see our Senior Ambassadors as part of the Team. To become a Senior, you need to contribute a good amount of time and work. Some of our Senior Ambassadors contribute over 100 Hours a month to the project.
  • Crabat - Frontend
  • ShadowWolf - Quality Management
  • affbaj - Solidity and Frontend
  • c0nfused - Frontend
  • ETRX - Frontend
  • Heimo - Podcast