NFT Integrations

Our limited NFT Collection allows you to boost your bot experience even further!
We want to show the world that NFT Technology is much more than art in the crypto space. Our limited NFT Collection allows the user to boost their bot experience even further.


For all reductions under Use-Cases below:
SILVER holders pay 25% less
GOLD holders pay 50% less
LEGENDARY holders pay 75% less
INSANE holders pay 100% less


  • Reduction of the Operating Deposit
  • Reduction of Weekly Upkeep
  • Reduction of the Net-Profit Share
  • Reduction of the Immediate Withdrawal Penalty
  • Increase of Farm Rewards in the same percentages shown under the Benefits section above
    • With cash deposited into the bot, Silver holders will see a 2.25x multiplier, Gold holders will see a 2.5x multiplier, Legendary holders will see a 2.75x multiplier, and Insane holders will see a truly insane 3.0x multiplier.

NFT Owners

  • Pay less TC per week to run the bot
  • Deposit a lower Operating Deposit
  • Owe a smaller penalty to withdraw USDC immediately
  • Earn bonus TCC for having cash deposited into the bot
NFT's with use-cases and real-world savings. Das güd.