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The Triple Confirmation Project has a very easy, straightforward fee structure, and we want to be very transparent about that. It's your hard-earned money, and we respect that!

Trading Fee (starting with Beta)

Starting with Beta, we'll introduce a 2 USDC Trading Fee. The Trading Fee will automatically get deducted after a Trade concludes and will be deducted from the Profit made. Let's assume you had a Trade that gave you 20 USDC in Profit, it would result in 18 USDC Profit, AFTER this deduction the 10% profitshare get's deducted, resulting in a 1,80 USDC, the realised Profit in this example would be 16,20 USDC. We have the ability to toggle the 2 USDC Trading Fee to a TC Fee worth 2 USDC. So if the TC Token would be $0.20, the Trade Fee would result in a 10 TC Fee. This Fee would get deducted from your Operation Deposit, if your Operation Deposit runs out of TC, and you're still participating in the Bot, the Bot will try to tap into your additional TC in the Bot, if that Balance turns 0, you'll be kicked out of the Bot and cannot participate in future Trades, till you redeposit the needed Funds. The same happens for your USDC in the Bot, if you fall below the threshold needed you cannot participate anymore in the future Bot Trades.
Currently during Alpha 2.5, there are no Trading Fees.

Profit-Sharing (Cash)

The profit-sharing fee is charged in USDC.
Profit sharing is only charged on profits earned and occurs as soon as the trade exits. The current profit-sharing rate is 10.0%. NFT holders benefit by owing a reduced rate. The higher your NFT level, the lower your profit-sharing rate. Reductions do not stack; only the highest level applies (most significant reduction). When the Bot exits a trade, the profit share is automatically deducted and sent to the multi-sig treasury wallet to ensure the bot's continued operation and development.