The Triple Confirmation Project has a very easy, straightforward fee structure, and we want to be very transparent about that. It's your hard-earned money, and we respect that!

Weekly Upkeep (TC)

The Weekly Upkeep fee is charged in TC. If you have no cash deposited into the bot, then your Weekly Upkeep fee is 0. The Weekly Upkeep fee is charged every Monday at noon in the UTC timezone. If you have no cash in the bot and make a cash deposit you'll pay for the remainder of the current week. After that, you'll be charged a week's Upkeep the following Monday.
The current cost of 1 week's uptime is 100 TC. The Weekly Upkeep can be changed once each week. Changes to the Weekly Upkeep fee can range from up to an +5% increase to a -99.9% decrease. The minimum Weekly Upkeep fee is 0.00002 TC. There is no maximum besides the limit of a +5% increase week-to-week.
On the trading bot webpage, the Days Remaining field displays the number of days you have if the Weekly Upkeep fee does not change.
Since there's effectively no limit on how much the fee may decrease week-to-week, the multi-sig administrators can ensure the Weekly Upkeep fee remains affordable to all. Attention will be maintained on how the TC token relates to national governmental currencies. Since the project has no control over the decentralized TC token, we hope to achieve equitable access to all by adjusting the Weekly Upkeep fee. We expect the fee-to-userbase relationship to be inverse: The fee will generally decrease as our number of users increases.
A limit on the amount the Weekly Upkeep fee can be increased is hardcoded into the smart contracts. The cap was included to allow users to calculate a guaranteed uptime should they desire that information. To be guaranteed one year's uptime, multiply the current __ Weekly Upkeep rate by 245. Example: 100 x 245 = 24,500 TC. The actual math works out as
w(1.05x)\sum w(1.05^x)
w=w =
current Weekly Upkeep fee and
x=x =
guaranteed uptime measured in weeks. At the current cost, you'd be guaranteed one year by depositing 24,550 TC. Should a user deposit sufficient TC to guarantee one year's uptime with the Weekly Upkeep fee remaining unchanged, only 5,200 TC would be deducted, resulting in a TC balance one year from today of 19,350 TC.
There is a Minimum TC Balance equivalent to 1 week's uptime. The rate is shown above. Should you fail to maintain the Minimum TC Balance, your cash will be forcibly withdrawn from the bot via withdrawAllNow() request and therefore subject to a much higher profit-sharing fee if the bot is currently in a trade.
If you have no cash in the bot, you do not have to maintain the Minimum TC Balance.

Profit-Sharing (Cash)

The profit-sharing fee is charged in cash. For Alpha, that means USDC. As we add more Pairs & Strategies, that's expected to change. The profit-sharing fee is always paid in the token you deposit since that's the cash token for a given strategy.
Profit sharing is only charged on profits earned and only occurs when you withdraw.
The current profit-sharing rate is 10.0%. NFT holders benefit by owing a reduced rate. The higher your NFT level, the lower your profit-sharing rate. Reductions do not stack; only the highest level applies (most significant reduction).
When you withdraw cash, the profit share is automatically deducted and sent to the multi-sig treasury wallet to ensure the bot's continued operation and development. The values shown on the website are already subtracted from the profit-sharing fee.
Your raw total in the smart contracts is higher since they include the yet-to-be-paid profit share. If that's confusing, here's a one-liner: What you see, and input, on the website is what you will receive.
Example: You deposited 420 USDC and earned 100 USDC in profit for a current total balance of 520 USDC. Your profit-sharing fee here would be 10 USDC assuming you don't own an NFT. The website will show you have 420 USDC deposited and 90 USDC in net profit. You need not calculate the profit-sharing as it's subtracted automatically.